Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support BLM and/or Planned Parenthood Curriculum being pushed into our schools?

     I do not support ANY outside organization’s curriculum being pushed into our schools. I support the PYLUSD developed curriculum, that has historically served our children’s educational needs well. I am proud that our district develops its own curriculum that is representative of our community and as your Area Trustee I will fight to carry on that tradition. I also support the inclusion of factual, vetted, and historically accurate subject matter in our childrens’ educational materials. As your trustee, I commit to working closely and collaboratively with PYLUSD curriculum developers, teachers, administrators and the community to ensure our schools continue to be the award-winning institutions that have made our children so successful. 


Do you support a return to in classroom instruction? 

     Like so many of you, I am looking forward to the day that we can return to the classroom. My children thrive in a traditional classroom environment and we all miss it.  I, 100%, support a safe return to school.  A return that considers safety measures for students, teachers, administrators and staff.  Returning to on-campus instruction only to be forced back off campus again would be incredibly disruptive and create more distress for families.  Our district is learning how to respond to an unprecedented disaster.  Thankfully, it is also preparing for a safe return to school.  I look forward to the day we can go back! 


Do you support law enforcement?  

     I support law enforcement, 1st responders and military personnel. My husband is an Emergency Medicine Physician who volunteered as a medic for the Pomona SWAT Team.  I served as a firefighter for the first 10 years of my Marine Corps career and I have spent 20 years of my life dedicated to the safety and security of our country.   


Did you delete your personal Facebook page or multiple posts you made in it? 

     My personal Facebook page is just that; personal. I use it to share my life and my family’s lives and my childrens’ lives with our friends and family. I am learning as I go what it means to run for an elected position, but I knew from the start there was a chance that I would be subjected to ugliness. I can take it, but I want to spare my children and my parents from having to see all of that.  My number one priority is to protect my children and my family. I have not erased any posts or blocked any friends besides other candidates. We still have many mutual friends that can see my posts and can attest that they have not been deleted. I set my page to private for my family. That was the right choice. 

Why don’t you engage in discourse on other Facebook group pages? 

     I am a deliberate, thoughtful, purposeful candidate.  I am not reactive and do not believe those pages offer a real opportunity for discourse.  They have become a place for lies to be spread under the guise of “no censorship” and there is no way to combat lies. I have committed to running a campaign of integrity, responsibility and truth, all of which are in line with my values and faith. 


How did you become the PYLUC Advocacy Chair?  


     I volunteered for the position of PYLUC Advocacy Chair in 2017 to learn more about the mission of the California PTA and how the organization advocates on behalf of all children.  Having just completed 2 years as PTA president at Fairmont Elementary School, I wanted to expand my knowledge base and do work that affected our entire district. During my time as the advocacy chairperson, I attended meetings with Southern California advocates, communicated PTA stances on current political issues and attended a meeting in Sacramento where we met with state leaders to discuss health and wellness reform that affect students all over the state.   


Why are you running for School Board? 

     I am running for school board because the experience I have in both professional leadership and PYLUSD volunteer leadership has led me right to this place. When I learned that Judi Carmona would not be running, I knew it was my time.  I have admired Judi’s tenacity and constant presence in our district, and I want to follow in the path that she has so wonderfully laid out.   I am passionate about education; I am experienced at bringing people together and I know I can contribute to the families of PYLUSD.  I am a strong leader who isn’t reactionary; I make thoughtful decisions and am careful with my words and actions.  A disciplined collaborator is what our school board needs. 


How can we get to know you better? 

     You can find out more about me in the About Misty section and in the videos on the home page.  I encourage you to talk with Fairmont Elementary families who have worked alongside me for 10 years, especially during my time in PTA leadership.  You can also talk with teachers, staff and administrators throughout our district.  If you are interested in joining a virtual meet and greet, click here.  I look forward to meeting you. 


“I would like to know your stance on CA’s new ethnic studies draft curriculum? LAUSD just voted to make a course on ethnic studies a graduation requirement by 2023-24. Although Newsom recently vetoed the bill to make it mandatory for all HS students, it will definitely come up again. But regardless, local districts can decide for itself, like LAUSD.

Would you vote yes or no, to make ethnic studies mandatory for PYLUSD HS students?

If yes, please explain specifically what criteria you would use to evaluate the ethnic studies curriculum and adopt it.”

I have no intentions of instituting curriculum outside of what is mandated by the State of California. If and when the time comes for us to develop a curriculum that meets criteria set forth by the state, I would support curriculum adoption in the same way that it has been implemented in the past. A curriculum that is developed within our district, that has been vetted and reviewed by our families and meets the mandate set forth.

Our district has done curriculum adoption right for years. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.